“Creativity is the leading edge of innovation.” -Andrew Schneider, Create Places co-Founder

How can local artists and creatives position themselves to improve our community? How can our community identify needs and pair them with the unique skills of our artists and creative enterprises?

CreatePlaces LLC, began in 2014 as an informal cluster of Fort Collins artists and creative entrepreneurs assembling to discuss various forms of the above questions. Our concern has been learning to contribute to the health of our community and discover how we are uniquely suited to contribute to that health.

One of our key advocacy points is that the having access to artists and direct participation in the arts bolsters a community’s economic, cultural, and social well being while offering individuals a number of very real material, cognitive and interpersonal benefits. Access and participation are the lock and key to leveraging the mechanisms of arts impact in the community.

We invite you to become a Friend of Creative Placemaking!